Q & A

What does it mean ‘We are Asian lady specialists’?

All our female members are Asian ladies; 80% of them are Permanent Residents or Australian citizens. They are all working in decent jobs; some are professional and or businesswoman, some ladies are gorgeous, but very important is that they are genuine.

What does it mean ‘Diamond club member’?

Our male members are from different backgrounds. Although 80% of them are working in professional jobs or running their business, we have 5% of our male members: multimillionaire, big company CEO, and celebrity, which belong to our diamond club member.

What does it mean ‘No Blind Dating’?

Our introduction service, which can happen every week, before passing on to you, our relationship consultant will personally select for you. Then we will email you the photo and profile of the chosen person. If you are not attracted, we will try another one for you. The same service applies to both parties. We only exchange phone numbers when both people agree. This system is convenient and transparent. Our promise is ‘No Blind Dating.’

Besides your introduction service, what else you provide?

In addition to our introduction service, we will provide support to the communication. Our manager Jennifer has been working in this field for over ten years. She met and knew many clients. You can talk to her as a friend when there is confusion or misunderstanding. To increase matching success, we organize different functions for our members, which are non-profitable; in case of misjudging photos, you still have the opportunity to meet the person.

Are you an online dating company?

No, we are not. We are an exclusive Introduction Agency. We introduce people who are looking for long-term and genuine relationships.

Unlike online dating, we conduct a confidential interview to ensure that we have a comprehensive appreciation of clients, including their background, interests and hobbies, personality and the type of person they are looking for, Etc. In conjunction with the consultant, clients can select individuals or multiple people from our database that they may like to meet potential.

Our consultants provide support at various levels during dating, including counsel and advice via phone or emails:

  • Personal counseling coach communication barriers
  • Cultural differences
  • Difficulties occasioned by different personalities and values

Do you charge the same fees for men and women? & If I am a Melbourne member and travel to Adelaide and/or Tasmania, can I meet a local member?

Yes, we charge the same fees for men and women. It means our members who come to our company are looking for a genuine relationship. If you are our Melbourne member, you can also meet our Adelaide and/or Tasmania members. No matter where you join, our policy is that you can meet any other state as long as you are our member.

If I am not your member, can I attend your party? Or can I view your members on your website?

Sorry, our parties and members’  photos and profiles on the website only provide to our members. However, if you would like to know more information, you are warmly welcome to our company for a FREE consultation.

Where is your company? How did I find you?

Our company head office is in Melbourne CBD:
Address: Suite 503, 365 Little Collins St, Melbourne 3000 (near the pedestrian street). Business hours are Monday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., please make an appointment with us before you come.

Our Adelaide and Hobart branches are also in the city center, but you MUST make an appointment before visiting us.

Adelaide Office: Level 24, 91 King William St, Adelaide CBD

Hobart Office: Level 6, 111 Macquarie St, Hobart  CBD