Service Procedure

Step 1

We will conduct a confidential interview to ensure that we have a comprehensive appreciation of you, including your background, interests and hobbies, personality and the type of person you are looking for etc. In conjunction with the consultant, you can select individuals or multiple people from our database that you may like to potentially meet.

Step 2

The consultant will conduct an in-depth matching for you. She will provide a comprehensive matching assessment, including both parties’ needs, expectations, personality and interests, etc.

Step 3

Personal introductions will be organised by request. We will exchange photographs and profiles of recommended candidates to your specified private email or postal address for acceptance. Without mutual agreement, telephone numbers will not be exchanged. If one party declines, the match will be terminated and the other party will be notified of the outcome. A new match will follow soon if there are any suitable candidates; meanwhile you can make your own selections through our website.

Step 4

During the time of dating, our consultants will provide support at various levels, including counsel and/or advice via phone or emails. Personal counselling will be organized by appointment and coaching in relation to communication barriers, cultural differences, and difficulties occasioned by different personalities and/or values.

Step 5

We will invite you to our various functions where you can meet potential partners in an enjoyable and pleasant setting.