10 Things Men Don’t Want Women To Know

  1. Men judge women initially base on their visual and physical. They chasing a woman only because she is physically attractive doesn’t matter how hard it is; they would try everything to win her heart. Vice versa, if a woman is physically not attracted to them, they would lose attention and interest. Their philosophy is: when a book cover is dull, why wasting time reading?
  2. Men can make a quick judgment of a woman when they met for the first time. ‘Yes!’ Or ‘No!’ as simple as that! The scary truth is that they hardly change their minds even if they have known each other for a long time.
  3. Men can use women for their sexual desire before they find the right one. However, they would like to encourage women to ask directly or openly about their attention. The woman can be equally in a sexual relationship as well.
  4. Men’s ego is followed by their hearts, which means when women respect them, they can easily fall in love; otherwise, they would have much hesitated. To raise men’s ego, women can use compliment words to recognize their work, achievements and sometimes can ask for their help. From my experiences, it works all the time.
  5. Freedom and space for men are essential, including spending their time by themselves or with their friends. Sometimes they lack attention for their messy home, although they know it. A man will feel threatened if his women try to take his freedom and space away.
  6. Men dislike quarreling with women. If arguments happen all the time, they will consider ceasing their relationship. Because they want women can provide a delightful and peaceful place for them where they can rest after fighting and challenging at a workplace. Sometimes it happens suddenly without warning signs when men decide to leave; the reality is they take action when they had enough. The fact is they want to quit many times emotionally long before.
  7. Women shouldn’t expect men to keep their initial excitement all the time. After knowing women for a certain period, men will slow down and sometimes can be quiet. It is not rational to expect men always to have a romantic dinner, beautiful flowers, and smooth-talking, and so on, as too many familiarities can kill the novelty and dulls the fuse.
  8. Men are natural hunters who enjoy chasing around women. Sometimes they lose interest after reaching their destination of sexual intimacy. Women can fail when they talk too much about past, personal details, or take the mystery out of their journey. Although men are not emotional, sometimes they hide them well; they follow their hearts and lose interest when they think it through.
  9. Men always like to teach women something; it makes them look smart. They genuinely believe that it is their role as a “Knight in shining armor” riding a horse to rescue women. But when women try to teach men, they don’t want to listen as they think it is whinging.
  10. Women should not raise too many things and try to discuss them simultaneously, as men don’t like it and can’t do it. For instance, women shouldn’t discuss love and commitment, jobs or hobbies, and so on with men while watching TV, as men focus on what they actually can do, not what they hardly grasp, like love, for example.

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