Double standard

Men have a double standard to judge women in terms of sex. On the one hand, they like to be intimate with the woman they are attracted to them. On the other hand, they will be doubtful if the woman is easy to go to bed. Naturally, they suspect she does this to every man.

The other exciting nature about men, which confuses themselves, is that they desire to have sex quickly but, at the same time, are afraid of losing interest in knowing her after having sex too quickly.

What do men want?

Men are very visual. Once seeing a pretty female, men will be physically excited. At this particular time, there is no love, no plan, and no promise. All they want is to get close to her. The risk of being intimate too quickly is that they may lose the passion for knowing her more or sliding into their comfort zone too early.

Some sensible men may know the risk. Once having spotted an ideal woman, they can control the excitement, willing to take time to know her before jumping into a physical relationship with her.

When dating women, most men would say: “When I see, I know (whether she is wife material, or just for fun),” or “either there, or never.” Their judgment about wife material happens almost instantly, which doesn’t change later on. A genuine man will not keep dating women who do not have future potential. But many men will keep dating until they have found wife material. Some men will even use women for fun when they know they can’t be wives, which leads to the attempt to sex with her almost on the first date.

The above characters often confuse women and make their judgment more difficult. The wrong decision makes women lose good men or be used and hurt. But the important thing is not to judge but to understand. Therefore women need to understand the nature of men, from which they can reasonably assess what this man wants from them. With this understanding, women can protect themselves in the following ways:

  1. Do not believe in fairy tale love because he is charming.
  2. Do not have sex to please him, even taking the risk of losing him.
  3. Have the courage to say “no” to the sex demand, especially on the first or second date.
  4. Keep good friendships by sharing similar interests, but go slow in sex.
  5. Do not feel vulnerable after being intimate.

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