Trust and Openness

We all like to be trusted, and we wish we could trust others also. To achieve that, one of the keys is the openness of a person’s nature.

In life, we all have the opportunity to know someone who has a beautiful open nature. They dare to tell their thoughts, emotions, even their vulnerability. They don’t mind others seeing the inside of them. With these people, “what you see is what you get.” Their open nature has won the trust and friendship of others.

To deal with people who are open and transparent is comfortable and enjoyable. Not only can we trust them quickly, but also we can open up equally. There is no need for imagination or guessing.

At the same time, we also can meet people who have problems opening up to others. They feel vulnerable to reveal themselves, their emotions. Therefore they often say something in half and let people work out the other half. They want to know others in detail but refuse to reveal themselves. Whether it is crucial information or insignificant, they don’t want people to know too much.

I can understand these people. They are trying to protect themselves or to avoid unnecessary mistakes. But in a way, it does make people feel uncomfortable to get close to them and trust them. No one will know what kind of hidden agenda they may have.

Being open and transparent may sometimes attract negative impacts. Sometimes it can even be hurtful. Being closed and choosing not to reveal too much can be an excellent way to protect ourselves. However, when we enter into a relationship, we are looking for trust. We can’t beg people to trust us or give them our faith as a gift. The confidence comes from our words and our deeds. While being open and transparent, we demonstrate our honesty and sincerity, showing that we want to have a good relationship. We also encourage others to do the same to us.

Being open and transparent certainly does not suggest that we have to tell people everything. Everyone has the right to keep things to himself. But if we dare to open up our thoughts, emotions, and needs to the people, we associate with, especially the people we are dating. We give a ‘fair go’ to the relationship. Regardless of what the result may be, we will win trust.

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