Do men need a space in their relationship?

Having space in their relationship is necessary for men. No matter how much a man loves his woman, he still needs that space of his own. This space will enable him to relax, organize his thoughts and emotions, or avoid conflicts. Usually, in life, men take more responsibility. They need to win the bread for the family. They need to establish a solid career. They also face all sorts of pressure when they try to achieve this.

Unlike women, men are not very good at expressing their feelings to others. They don’t have the friend’s network as women do. Therefore, the best way to deal with their stress is to have a quiet space of their own. The area for men is not always in a room, although staying in a room without interruption is also a good space.

To find their freedom, men often will do something in their garage, make, or repair something or they may choose to go for a drive, call up some friends to have a drink or read, playing a computer game in the study. No matter where they are, they like to be uninterrupted.

Many women do not understand this need of men. When men hide in their room, garage, or go out with friends to have a drink, they take it personally, as if men are changing of love or don’t care about them anymore. Therefore, many women get hurt. However, some women understand very well the needs of men. For example, they won’t be upset or interrupt when their boyfriends or husbands stay away from them for a while.

Occasionally they will go into the garage or shed to ask whether their men need a cup of coffee: no questions to ask, nor things to discuss. Or when the boyfriends, or husbands, want to go out with friends to have a drink, or sometimes they come back drunk, these women never get upset. No blame, no criticism. The next day, everything is normal, as if it has never happened. Or some weekend, the boyfriends or husbands rather do something in the garage instead of going out, and these women would pleasantly agree. They call their girlfriends to have a girl’s day off. Both are happy at the end of the day because both have done what they like to do.

Or when the boyfriends call and tell them “sorry, I can’t see you tonight. I need to go out with my friends”, these women can happily say “Have a good time!” What these women do often surprises other women “How could you spoil men like this?” But they didn’t know that by doing that, men usually have more confidence to live with the women who give them space.

Men sometimes have double standards. On the one hand, they like the women who appreciate them admire them, sometimes even listen to them. But on the other hand, they don’t like women who mentally, emotionally, and physically rely on them. They don’t like the women always feel insecure when they don’t have enough attention.

It is like being chained without space or freedom. That is one of the significant reasons many men are hesitant about commitment. Understanding the needs and giving men space is much better than washing for them, cooking for them, or telling them “I love you.” The return for the understanding is more love and a much happier relationship. Those women who can deliver can make men’s hearts beat faster.

Men will not stay in their space forever. Once they come out, they have more desire to stay with the women they love, looking after them, supporting them. Not holding too tight is one of the keys to having a good relationship. Not just men, women also need space. Even the ties reach to peak, and both sides still should give each other time and space. It only allows the relationship to grow deeper.

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