How can we get a win-win situation?

There is a saying: A man’s heart follows his ego. If you massage his ego, his heart follows you. If you challenge his ego, his heart will fall from you. What is the man’s ego in a relationship? I believe he can protect and provide for the woman he loves, making him feel like a man!

For a man, nothing can make him happier than when a woman thinks: He is capable.  He has overall knowledge and experience in life and can solve a problem and provide a good life. He has a good brain. He is calm, logical, knows what he wants and what decision he should make. No matter what happens, he can keep a clear mind. He is romantic.

In reality, men are not as romantic as women. But if a woman criticizes a man as not being romantic, his ego hit because “not being romantic” equals “his woman is not happy.” Usually, at the beginning of the relationship, men are very driven. They will copy a romantic scene from movies or ask their mates for tips. It usually appears very quickly.

However, most men still like to hear from their women ‘He is romantic”. He has been recognized and encouraged。 The women they love are the number one source of ego men want to have to be recognized and praised by the women they love. They want their women to realize their ability, the things they have done, Etc. Unfortunately, many women do not understand this need of men. Without even knowing, they often challenge men’s egos. They often challenge men’s egos without knowing.

For instance, some women can be too independent. They never ask men to do things for them. When men offer to help, they often reject them. When men take them out for dinner, they insist on paying their share. Sometimes, men like to buy gifts for their girlfriends or wives. However, upon receiving the assistance, some women do not show appreciation. It may be because they thought it means to be, or they don’t like the gifts men choose for them.

The above example from some women often makes men feel they cannot make a woman happy, or these women do not need men. Opposite to these women, some women are smarter. They know how to massage men’s egos and make men feel like men. They don’t mind asking for advice or help from men.

Whatever they receive from men, they never fail to show appreciation and excitement. They often praise and encourage their men for anything they do right. They make men feel like men. Their message for the men is: “I need you.” Many of these women are intelligent and independent. They don’t need to rely on men. But they understand what men need. Because of their understanding, these women often make a man’s heart beat faster. They let men see the value of looking after their women. It is an actual win-win situation.

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