What kind of Women can be attracted to men?

Women who can make men's heart beat faster

Many women have asked me,” what kind of women are these men looking for?” or “what kind of woman who can make men’s heart beat faster? I believe this is a million-dollar question. Many women desire an answer, but few can provide that answer. That is because most men judge women by their vision and feeling, which are hard to explain. That’s why if anyone asks a man, “What are you looking for?”  His answer is so simple: “when I see, I will know.” However, no matter how mysterious it sounds, there is something in common. When a man is looking for a woman with ‘something’ he needs, a few types of women can certainly make his heart beat faster.

The first group, I believe, is the “smart women.” In our society, many men enjoy meeting smart women. Women’s wisdom stimulates them. The wisdom knowledge shows in their education or their work mostly played in their lives. I used to know a financial director. When he told me the type of woman he is looking for, he said,” I don’t care what kind of degree she has, or what sort of job she is doing. She could be a cleaner or just working in the market, but she has to be innovative. She has to love life, be curious, and desire to improve, be confident, humorous, and easy to communicate with.” He believed these are the qualities an intelligent person should have. Life can be exciting if living with an intelligent partner.

I think he shows good insight. His definition of wisdom is not narrow. Our degree, or our job, does not necessarily make us wise in life. He wanted someone he could communicate with on a similar wavelength; someone who could share his life and interests, someone who could inspire him, understand his sense of humor. According to the standard, I think it is not a low standard. Whoever loves life must be a positive person; whoever is interested in learning must have a lot to share, be willing to learn from others; whoever is confident, he/she will not feel insecure all the time and dares to trust others.

Whoever has a sense of humor, he/she will make a life full of laughter. He accepted a pretty face, but what made his heart beat faster was something from inside, the wisdom that would let her shine. I think his thoughts are one of the main reasons to make many men’s hearts beat that much faster! A woman can try different ways to attract a man; her appearance or her wisdom? I think the impression will die long before the wisdom would ever die. The knowledge of a woman can get under a man’s skin. Another way of putting the attraction, which is not just a pretty face and a good figure, is the word “charisma”…a mixture of wisdom, charm, energy, enthusiasm for life and learning, and genuine interest in other people….adds up to a powerful attraction!

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