Everyone is unique and has a different character!

When we look at people’s personalities, we may notice a few things: Everyone is unique, and everyone has a different character. Everyone has a personality that can be easily spotted, even from babyhood; everyone has a combination of other personalities, which takes a long time to find out. Some characters exist from birth, but life experiences, upbringing form some personalities, and also the influence received from others.

Therefore we often see personalities change from time to time and person to person. There are four significant personalities: 1. Happy man; 2. Man of perfection; 3. Natural leaders; 4. ‘Yes’ Man Each type has some recognizable characters.

A happy man means he has a comfortable, cheerful personality. People with this personality are charismatic, enthusiastic, and they can make friends with anyone. Often we call them people persons. They love to talk, love to have attention, and love to exaggerate stories. They are easy to get excited or upset but shortly can forget it. Because of their natural charisma, they can bring fun to dating. Most times, they achieve a good first impression from others.

Type II Perfectionist This personality is right opposite to Type I. They are much quieter and always think deeply; also, they want details and hate to exaggerate. They constantly search for perfection in life, from the way they dress to the job and to the place they keep things. Usually, they have excellent organizational skills. They like to follow a routine. Some routines can remain for life. Usually, a perfectionist is cautious, always preparing for the worst. Although he doesn’t talk much, he often has a good sense of humor when he talks.

Type III: Natural leaders: This is a dynamic personality, full of drive and action, very goal-driven. Once setting a goal, they are determined to accomplish it, regardless of how many people oppose it. Because of confidence and determination, they are influential. Wherever they go or whatever they do, they are leaders. However, people admire them but don’t like to get close to them because they can control them.

Type IV: “Yes” man: Opposite to the leaders, these people want to have a peaceful life. They hate stress and find it easy to be content. They don’t like confrontation. When there is an argument, they run away. They want to say ‘Yes’ instead of ‘no.’ Friends like to be with them because they are easy-going, patient, and calm. The above description is only part of the characteristics of these four types of personality. The benefit of recognizing these characters is to understand the people with whom we are dealing. In dating, the understanding of different personalities will help us to choose the most suitable partners.

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