Personality and Behavior

In previous articles, I briefly introduced four significant personalities and the possible compatibility among them. However, the complex is that most of us have multiple personalities instead of just having one. Therefore to understand a person, we also need to understand the combination of his character.

Because of the upbringing, life experience, or the influence we received, each person can have a different mix of personalities, making every one unique. However, that doesn’t mean there is no regularity in those combinations. The typical characters are Mr. Happy man and Mr. Leader, Mr. Perfectionist and Mr. Peaceful, or Mr. Perfectionist and Mr. Leader. In each pair, there are similarities. For example, Mr. Happy Man and Mr. Leader are both extroverts. They are both energetic and find it easy to mix with people. Or Mr. Perfectionist and Mr. Peaceful are deep thinkers, good at listening, sensitive; or Mr. Perfectionist and Mr. Leader are well organized and good at planning.

At the same time, we will also see the differences in those pairs, which complement one another. For example, Mr. Happy Man is light-hearted and flexible, making the goal-driven Leader softer and more fun. At the same time, the goal-driven Leader makes the Happy Man’s passion last longer, less forgetful. People with this combination are very good in marketing roles. They are dynamic, happy, approachable, and easy to talk to people.

Let’s also take a look at another pair: Mr. Perfectionist and Mr. Peaceful. Mr. Perfectionist’s well-planned, analytical traits push Mr. Peaceful to take action and not procrastinate too much. While Mr. Peaceful’s core trait lay back, taking everything easy. That trait sometimes relaxes Mr. Perfectionist from being too perfect. In life, we often see this combination in some doctors, engineers, accountants, Etc. These people often remain calm, logical.

Now let’s take a look at Mr. Perfectionist and Mr. Leader. Mr. Leader usually is goal orientated, always striving for the best result. Sometimes they can be too spontaneous. At the same time, Mr. Perfectionist will never do that. They are good at weighing up the pros and cons of a situation. They are good at making plans to reach their goals. Mr. Perfectionist likes to think. Sometimes because they think too much and too deep, it stops any action, while Mr. Leader is the action man. His activity will kill the fear Mr. Perfectionist has.

We often see this combination appearing in people who are in managerial positions. Many company executives possess this combination. They have passion and determination, yet also have perfectly planned and well-thought-out ideas, Etc. Often they are great achievers in our society. However, if this combination carries on to their social life, sometimes people around them can suffer stress because they want everything to be perfect, and they are often very pushy.

In addition to the above, there are many other combinations in people’s personalities. Sometimes the combinations can be opposite, say: the traits of a Happy Man combine with Mr. Peaceful, or Mr. Peaceful combines with Mr. Leader. No matter what kind of combination, each person is unique. Each combination is a good combination. Understanding the personality helps us deal with people and explains some behaviors or demands; therefore, we don’t need to be too sensitive or take everything personally.

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