Little things for men

John is a handsome, charismatic, and successful businessman who can easily make friends. We’ve introduced many nice women to him; some are young and pretty, some are successful, charming businesswomen, and some even are models. Each time I requested his feedback, he always answers: “Not yet! Please continue searching, Eva!” I was confusing about what he is precisely seeking.
One day, he attended our party, and as usual, he was the most striking person at the table, telling exciting stories and making jokes. Indeed, he was attracted to many ladies, especially to a lady who sat next to him, quietly listening to him, sometimes nodding and smiling. Suddenly she found John’s reading glasses set on the table and looked a little dirty; she just used her handkerchief to clean it and put it back gently. The little thing she did was quite impressive and made John noticed her instantly. The next day, he told me the story and was quite excited, asking me about her profile. Frankly, she wasn’t a pretty lady, not very young and well-educated either. But a little thing she did changes her life, as John saw her inner beauty regardless of her appearance. He just realized she was the woman he would like to spend the rest of his life together.
Following dating a few months, John decided to marry her, she indeed accepted his proposal, and now they are happily living together like many loving couples.
Sometimes men look tough, masculine, even rough, but actually, they are pretty caring and attentive. They need to strive to win in business, so they have to be tough and strong; they can be quite sensitive and even vulnerable in their deep heart. When men come home from work, they like their partners to know they are appreciated and cheerful. It’s essential for men, especially in marriage; wives are capable of providing love and care. Hence, men are very observant, just like John, a kind, caring, soft and gentle woman caught his eyes and won his heart.
I cannot entirely agree that some women care and look after men like mothers or sisters. Men are simpler than women. All they need is small and little things: cooking a nice dinner, making delicious cakes, taking them to watch their favorite movies, buying a tiny but lovely gift, and so on. All those things cost little but can win a man’s heart.

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