10 Things Women Don’t Want men To Know

  1. Love attention: Women are complicated; they like to send mixed messages to men to attract attention. For example, they can show their interests, and in the meantime, show their hesitation. All women like to feel desirable regardless of their age, background, and relationship status.
  2. Like compliments: Appropriate compliments and smooth-talking from men can make women’s hearts beat fast, so the right words from men could lead to positive outcomes.
  3. Talk about feelings: Women love to express their deepest feelings which are natural. Including talking to their best friends/friends, ex-boyfriends/husband, workmates, or even someone they just met from bus stations.
  4. Need emotional security: Women dislike men who don’t want to make any commitments or hesitate to talk about love because it makes them feel insecure. When it happens, many women will seek other options, including seeking other men. Women need men to provide a sense of protection for their hearts and love.
  5. Easier to be influenced: Most women, when making decisions, would like to ask their friends; those opinions dramatically affect their judgment, so it’s essential to make her friends have a good impression of you.
  6. Driven by a need for emotional intimacy: Women make decisions based on their emotions, including their happiness. Kind, soft, and gentle words can help men to create a sense of togetherness, safety, support, and sensuality.
  7. Like tall men: In general, men are more attractive if they are charming, polite, wise, and confident. A good sense of humor is also helpful, as no man lost his woman because he could make her happier and laugh.
  8. More romantic than men: All women like fairy-tale love stories. Any age would feel sweet and unique if they receive flowers from men. If men forgot to deliver flowers on Valentine’s Day, it would cause them much trouble, like flowers, chocolates, and small gifts on that day can win many women’s hearts.
  9. More easily in love and out of love:  Women are more quickly moving on when relationships finished because women like to talk about their feelings or emotions openly. This fact may surprise men who often grieve for much longer because they never talk about it to anyone.
  10. Motherly nature inside: Women often treat husbands like a child: looking after them, disciplining them, and changing them, which is exactly like what they are doing to their children.

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