When he is climbing the career ladder

There are many successful single men in our society, which can be a surprise to many people. A successful man is assumed to be accessible in finding women. He has much social life, met many people, and adored many ladies, so on. Unfortunately, many people can’t see the lifestyle a successful man carries, making it hard for him to find the girl of his dream.

In traditional society, men are the breadwinners. They expected to be robust, challenging, and successful. In modern society, women are working and owning. But the traditional concept of provider is still profoundly in men’s minds. Building a solid career, providing an excellent lifestyle to the family is always the priority for men; failing to do what will be called useless.

In the process of building a successful career, men are much focused. They can work more than 12 hours a day. They have to be as competitive as on the sports ground. In all, they are under tremendous pressure.

There is a price for everything. The costs for successful men are their lifestyle, relationship, marriage, and family, so on. They have no time to look after these areas other than climbing the ladder.

Dating a successful man sounds exciting but not much fun for a woman. The initial excitement will soon die off due to his stress from work. Soon after the initial dates, phone calls from three times a day become twice a week. The passion of meeting her reduces from weekends together to a few hours a week. His patience of listening to her story disappears; instead of his stress, his concerns at work all the time.

In addition to long hours of work, he also travels a lot for business. Trips can be a day, a week, or a month, or longer.

A woman can be vulnerable and nervous when dating a successful man. Naturally, she will display insecurity when meeting him by talking to him about her emotion, arguing over some insignificance, or pushing for commitment. That makes it worse for the relationship. When he has spare time, the first person he likes to spend time with is not her. It won’t upset him if she wants to end the relationship. If she wants him to choose between her and her career, the answer is obvious: his career.

Most successful men can tell stories about how to lose good women when building up their careers. Many men regretted what they have done. But that is the price they are willing to pay.

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